Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The End of the Innocence

Photo credit: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Today marks a huge change in the direction of the United States.  Our God-given rights as Americans have endured for more than 200 years. But on January 20, 2021, things are moving away from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Rampant censorship is happening with many online communities and the goal of the Democrats, Big Tech, mainstream media and their allies is not just opposing the ideas of those who don’t think or believe as they do, it’s the total annihilation of thought different than theirs. 


The Left is calling for an army of detectives to report on activities of Trump supporters. This edict is being heralded by celebrities like former newscaster Katie Couric, who called for Trump supporters to be deprogrammed during an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.


Mike Lindell and his My Pillow company are under attack, being dropped by national retailers such as Kohls and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Democrats want to punish him for his political beliefs. Where does that happen usually? Not in America. This morning, the streets of Washington, DC resemble a city in North Korea and not our free nation’s capitol. 


Millions of Americans have moved away from traditional media sources, including Fox News. But with the rise of Newsmax, OAN and Right Side Broadcasting, the push from Big Tech to eliminate them from existence grows. Right Side Broadcasting is a homegrown media company from Alabama that’s streamed many Trump rallies in 2020 and provided coverage for President Trump when other traditional media shunned him. Even this morning, Right Side Broadcasting was one of the only media companies broadcasting the entire event as President Trump said goodbye at Joint Base Andrews, even as their Twitter account was suspended for no legitimate reason. 


The time to stand up for freedom is now. Our country has been a great melting pot with a free exchange of ideas. Civil discourse is good for growth and learning, but when you decide that over 74 million Americans are just wrong and need to be re-educated or silenced, the trajectory of progress moves right down the drain. 

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