Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Push for Progressivism

C.H. Browne, guest opinion


Many of us older types (and maybe a few younger ones) remember waking up in the morning to an America that was a bastion of freedom, positive energy, goodwill and common sense. It was an America where diverse points of view were celebrated and rewarded with an inherent and genuine regard for civility. Differing opinions would be enthusiastically offered with logical and intelligent discourse as the norm, not the exception.


Then, commencing in the 1950s, The Left gradually began to promulgate its concepts, mainly parroting the doctrines of the Soviet Communist regime. Through relentless perseverance and stealth it became entrenched in virtually all facets of American culture, education, media, jurisprudence and politics. Today, The Left has exerted its influence in ways most citizens never dreamed possible. Its goals were and still are concentrated upon ultimately controlling and then destroying American excellence and its unique time-tested values.  The fact that it has been so thoroughly successful in such a relatively short time is both astonishing and frightening beyond comprehension.


As if its meteoric rise and influence are not concerning enough, The Left’s current policies are terrifying. For example, let’s examine the advocacy of allowing hapless men not intelligent enough to recognize their own sex to compete in women’s sports as “women.” Just a few years ago, this asinine notion would have subjected to the proper ridicule that it so deserves. Not now, not with The Left’s relentless pressure tactics.  


Sadly, way too many businesses and CEOs have bought into the transgender hoax and even the moronic notion bizarrely called “gender fluidity.” (For those clueless few wishing to ascertain their gender, they need only to gaze into their pants.) Too many company leaders have fallen for the typical Leftist tactic of email bombs designed to indicate far more opposition than is actually the case.  Hasbro and Mr. Potato Head, are you listening?


The American Left today mimics the same tactics as the most dictatorial regimes in history.  It is considered a clich√© to accuse a person or a group as being Nazi-like. Yet The Left, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and the Democrat Party delight in doing so. However, the irony is the most vile and genocidal maniacs such as Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao would LOVE the tactics of suppression of speech, communication and freedom currently practiced by The Left and their supporters. 


They would completely approve of the Saul Alinsky-inspired disinformation campaigns waged by our bought and paid for pro-Left Wing Democrat PRAVDA press corps.  They would delight in the efficiently organized Leftist rioters who have toppled revered American statues and monuments, murdered innocent citizens and policemen, and destroyed countless businesses and their owner’s careers and dreams. 

The American Left is now by far the most dangerous encumbrance to ever infest America and its uniquely precious culture. The Left’s anti-America policies, its ongoing attempts to cancel that most marvelous proponent of human rights yet created by Man, The Constitution of the United States of America, and their relentless assault on our basic God-given freedoms, is the game-changer. 


We are at war with the most cunning and potentially destructive force America has ever faced. We can no longer look the other way, pretend that this coldly calculated assault is not happening or succumb to their will. The time to act is now. The Left needs to be totally challenged at every turn.  To do otherwise is to ensure that, as the U2 singer Bono so aptly put it,  “the amazing and unique American idea” is over.

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