Monday, January 18, 2021

Has new GOP US Rep. Nancy Mace screwed up big time?

 Mace trained to use a gun - FB photo 

US Rep. Nancy Mace (SC-Dist 1) got elected by pinning herself to President Donald Trump. She defeated Trump-hating Democrat Joe Cunningham. 

Then - as soon as she got the chance- the publicity-drunk Mace unjustly stabbed Trump in the back. 

From the "Newly seated Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) said Sunday that President Trump “put all of our lives at risk” with his rhetoric before the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol. 

Mace made the comment while discussing a bipartisan effort to censure Trump." Link to Mace's comments betraying the man who got her elected... Click here to see

Of course there is no evidence Trump did anything to spark violence. And much of the violence was triggered by ANTIFA and BLM operatives, according to the FBI. And Mace has a photo of herself, left, bragging that she has been trained in how to use a gun- while blaming Trump for violence. 

There's a chance Mace's fledging political career could already be over. On Monday, Mace posted the cliché-esque meme in honor of MLK on her Facebook page. Click here to see

Facebook is a liberal forum, and even there the responses to Mace were brutal. Here are a few below: 

I hope you enjoy your 2 years! It’s a shame that you would turn so quickly, I’ll never vote for you again!

Wow...that's quite a 360 Nancy. You might have stabbed your supporters in the back faster than former Tea Party RINO Marco Rubio . Hopefully you've been paid...because your future don't look so bright.

Gonna be one term Nancy, running on promises you have no intention of keeping will not be tolerated in this new Republican Party. You and Graham need to go.

You need to be recalled. Your useless thinking Trump put anyone in danger. That was the democrats. Obviously they voted the wrong person in. You have no common sense

You are one and done Nancy! You lost the 4 votes in my home! Not only that, I am actively raising money for whoever your opponent is! Retire Rhino!

Nancy you are a huge disappointment!

I’m done with you!!!!!

Have you finished betraying the constituents that you represent? Or, are you going to continue stabbing us in the back on national television?

She betrayed what she said. Will not get my vote again

Hope you have plans for another career after your campaign was a sham.

(Trump) helped you get elected. Shame on you.

I (LEFT) YOUR PAGE. You had your first moment of greatness to stand for this nation, but you didn’t. Bye!

Had no idea you were descended from the benedict arnold family

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