Saturday, February 20, 2021

Better Not Write This Story, Or Else….

Well, that didn’t take long. On Thursday evening, February 18th, Facebook decided to eliminate the Palmetto Daily News business page. Why would this action be taken by the Ruling Censorship Class, as this news and opinion organization has only existed since the beginning of January? Our stories have been informational for topics relative to South Carolina. Yet now we’ve been deemed dangerous and must be silenced.

FirstSocial message to members from founder
Never give up, never surrender is our mantra and it will take more than a deleted page to break us. A recent story on Palmetto Daily News ran a tally of cancel culture victims; it wasn’t expected that we could proudly add our name to the list just a few days later. As our reach and influence grows, the urgency to throttle our efforts clearly increased. But, alas, we’re not alone in our forced status as an outcast. 

While social media platform Parler attempts a comeback, other upstarts like FirstSocial and Gab are having new troubles. On Friday night, Gab went dark. No explanation, just a web server error shows on their home page and their Twitter account went dark as well. This social media option was gaining traction with conservatives and is now suspiciously offline. The Parler alternative First Social is warning users of problems with their web hosting service. 


Tyler Webster, FirstSocial founder, posted the following, “Hey guys so the current platform I built FirstSocial on wants me to monitor every single post in the community now. I knew there would be obstacles but when I discussed with them in the beginning I wasn't told I'd have to do that which would mean I have to sit here all day and monitor posts. That's almost impossible for me to do and goes against the whole reason I started FirstSocial. 

“I have contacted someone about a server and am looking into building something from scratch if I can get the right people. If you wish to cancel your Patreon's (sponsorships) I completely understand. The Patreon's and donations helped to pay for the first month so I really appreciate everyone who tried to help me end censorship. 

Parler is back and I'm sure more platforms will be coming out. This isn't the end of this journey for me. Just a bump in the road. We made an effort and to me that's all that matters. I'd rather fail trying to make a difference than do nothing and succeed,” Webster said. 


MeWe, billing itself as the anti-Facebook social media, gained two and a half million members in the first part of 2021, likely accepting refugees from Facebook and Twitter. For now, it remains operational. 

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