Saturday, February 13, 2021

Graham Flip Flops Vote for Witnesses in Impeachment Trial

Flip flopping his stance on calling witnesses in the sham impeachment trial of Donald Trump, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham votes to allow witnesses to be called. 

On Saturday, February 13th, the last day of the proceeding, Graham switched his vote to go along with four other Republicans who supported the idea of calling witnesses. 

Yet in many comments to various media outlets, Graham likened the calling of witnesses to 

the “opening of Pandora’s box.” 


Graham explained himself via his active Twitter account, something Trump is no longer able to do, “It is my firm belief that the House managers are trying to investigate the case after it was brought to the Senate,” Graham tweeted. “It is better for the country to go to a final vote. However, if the body wants witnesses, I am going to insist we have multiple witnesses.”


The vote in the Senate to call witnesses ended as 55 – 45. 


Later in the day, the Senate body reversed itself, deciding to skip the witness phase to continue with the trial. 


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