Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Home meal delivery offered by local business gives seniors and others options


West Columbia’s Primal Gourmet is offering a program for homebound meal delivery in the greater Columbia area. 


In addition to the delivery program, this healthy food alternative has the opportunity for customers to buy in bulk sizes, individual meals or local produce, dairy, eggs, dry goods and snacks.  Primal Gourmet is a market and meal service providing local items and freshly prepared foods from top quality ingredients.


The homebound meal delivery program offered by Primal Gourmet is delivered every Friday. They create a new menu each Friday and accept orders from Friday until the following Wednesday at 8:00pm. According to Primal Gourmet, “this service is ideal for those who are utilizing home health services, can no longer drive, have disabilities that make cooking difficult, expectant mothers, families with newborns, or folks who are going through in-home rehabilitation.”


The program offers two meal size options that are heart healthy, diabetic friendly, moderate to low sodium and geared for those who enjoy Southern cooking. In addition to the prepared meals, you may also add on extras from their market, including soups, salads, cookies, coffee and more. 


Meals can be either delivered directly or picked up at one of two addresses:

Primal Gourmet’s West Columbia Kitchen and Market or Tres Leches Bakery in Irmo. Orders may be placed by phone or email.


A recent sampling of home delivery menu items included Greek roasted chicken tenderloins with new potatoes and brussel sprouts, shrimp gumbo and Irish roasted pork tenderloin with potatoes and cabbage. 

For more information, contact delivery@primalgourmetsc.com

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